PC Maritime's Managing Director David Edmonds has given many papers about navigation since he founded the company jointly with his wife Anne in 1987. A number of his papers are available here in Adobe Acrobat format, together with several other informative papers.  David was made a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation in 1991 for his "significant role in the improvement of navigational safety standards and training."

ECDIS Crew Training - where do we go now?
A discussion on how ECDIS type specific training can be delivered on stand-alone DVD with verifiable assessment and certification.

Paper given at the ECDIS Revolution Conference, November 2011.

New ECDIS performance standards require re-Type Approval
A brief on how the new ECDIS standards, applicable from January 2009, will affect ECDIS users and purchasers.

David Edmonds. April 2009.

The importance of scale and safety contour settings in ECDIS
A short paper commenting on the recent MAIB (Marine Accident Investigation Bureau) Reports into the groundings of the "Pride of Canterbury" and "CFL Performer". The incidents illustrate how important it is for ECDIS operators to understand some fundamental elements of ECDIS chart display.

David Edmonds. February 2009.

ECDIS Considerations - BP Vetting Inspectors Seminar
David Edmonds was asked by BP to give a talk on ECDIS to their Ship Vetting Inspectors Seminar. His talk considers ECDIS from the perspective of inspectors and what they should look for on ships fitted with ECDIS. Is the Type Approval paperwork in order? Are the officers fully competent? Can they demonstrate that the electronic charts are updated? Essential reading for inspectors - and those who may be inspected!

Paper given at BP's Ship Vetting Inspectors Seminar in Windsor, June 2008.

10 Things They Should Have Told You About ECDIS
This paper highlights some operational and system issues that are frequently encountered by navigators trying to get to grips with ECDIS. This information will also help managers and owners who are making decisions about which system and chart format to buy, and about what priority should be given to formal training ahead of any mandatory requirement.

Paper given at TransNav 2007, Gydnia.

Facts about Charts and Carriage Requirements
The two leading ENC centres, Primar and IC-ENC, have joined forces to create a comprehensive guide to the regulatory issues surrounding ECDIS and electronic charts. The guide is written in an easy to read "question and answer" style and addresses over twenty of the most commonly asked questions. It comes with extensive annexes detailing regulations in force for a number of Flag States, and will be expanded and updated to ensure it remains accurate.
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Electronic charts for emergency response and salvage business
This paper outlines the key benefits to be gained by the salvage industry from using electronic charts.

Paper given at the International Tug & Salvage Convention, May 2002.

ECDIS: the ship owner's considerations for implementation
A fleet manager's experience of trialling, selecting and installing ECDIS throughout his company's fleet.

Paper given at Communications and IT in Shipping, March 2002.

Electronic Chart Systems - the portable approach
An investigation into the uses of PC-based (portable) ECDIS/ECS.

Paper given at the Safety at Sea ECDIS Conference 2001.

Passage planning made efficient and cost-effective
How the Shell UK Coastal Fleet determined its criteria for company-approved berth to berth passage plans within an electronic chart system.

Paper given at the Electronic Chart Navigation Conference, Rotterdam 1999.

ECS and ECDIS users give their feedback on electronic chart systems
A paper analysing the responses from users of ECS and ECDIS systems at sea.

Paper given at the 3rd Electronic Chart Technology Conference, Brighton 1998.

ECDIS - the outcome of IMO Meeting 'NAV 44'
A report on the IMO's Navigation Sub-Committee on adapting the ECDIS performance standard to incorporate official raster charts.

Paper given at the Refit and Repair Show, Palma de Mallorca, 1998.

The generation of UK tidal stream atlases from regularly gridded hydrodynamic modelled data
Paper by Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory published in the Royal Institute of Navigation's Journal of Navigation, 1998. PDF 203 KB A review of the legislation governing electronic chart systems from the perspective of a megayacht captain.

Paper given at the Project 97 Conference, Amsterdam, 1997.

A practical update to electronic charting
A review of the legislation governing electronic chart systems from the perspective of a megayacht captain.

Paper given at the Project 97 Conference, Amsterdam, 1997.

Getting more from PC-based simulators
An examination into the effectiveness of low-cost PC-based training simulators.

Paper given at the World Maritime University, 1994.

Weighing the pros and cons of simulator training
A detailed discussion into the benefits and limitations of simulator training.

Paper given at the Human Factors in Shipping Conference, London 1994.

Bridging the gap
A demonstration of how simulator training can fit into wider training programmes.

Paper given at the New Manning & Training Strategies Conference, Singapore 1992.

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